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We are the Good Mood team, Jerry and Brooke.

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We are a Boise based duo that love to explore new places to shoot breathtaking photos!

We frequently get asked what our shooting style is. We don't categorize our style into any particular box, but give each photoshoot, and each individual image what it needs to be spectacular. We love creating realness during a session, real laughs, real kisses, real emotion. We may have to make some bad jokes to get there, but we we'll make it happen.

Meet Jerry. 
Jerry is the man behind the camera. He does both photography and videography, as well as all of the photo editing. 

Jerry works from home, operating Good Mood as his full time job. He is entirely self-taught and now fosters new photographers and videographers getting into the business. He is also the owner and operator of Flawless_208 on instagram. (Be warned, this is spicy content!)

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Meet Brooke. 
Brooke is behind the scenes a good portion of the time, editing, shooting photos, and handling the business side of Good Mood. Brooke works as a full time RN in the ER, but works overnight. You might not see her as much because she's probably asleep after shift. She's most likely the one contacting you and may reply at weird hours of the night. 


Together, we create a lighthearted, easy going team that are fun to work with. We are a married couple, and spent our honeymoon capturing photos along the Pacific Coast.

Meet the rest of our team. You may see these familiar faces at your special event!


Kenny began working with us in 2023, and his addition of expert videography with KLP Media has been monumental. You will probably see this guy shooting video at your big day.


Nene is a fresh new photographer to the GMP Team. She has a great eye and you may see her behind the camera on your wedding day.

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