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We are the Good Mood team, Jerry and Brooke.


We are a Boise based duo that love to explore new places to shoot breathtaking photos!

We enjoy late night movies, delicious food, hot cups of coffee, and we are MAJOR home bodies. Our home is the keeper of the coffee pot, vintage speakers, warm blankets, house plants, three parakeets, and one rambunctious little boy.


We frequently get asked what our shooting style is. We don't categorize our style into any particular type, but give each photoshoot, and each individual image what it needs to be spectacular. We love creating realness during a session, real laughs, real kisses, real emotion. 

Meet Jerry. 


Jerry is the man behind the camera. He does both photography and videography, as well as all of the photo editing. He is a collector of cameras, lenses, and gadgets. He has a broken finger, which often times looks like he is flipping you off, but be assured, he is NOT. He will be the first one to get on a precarious rock to get the right angle for your photo, or wade knee deep in water for an artistic effect. 


Jerry works from home, operating Good Mood as his full time job. He has been shooting for about 6 years, and is entirely self-taught.

Meet Brooke. 


Brooke is behind the scenes a good portion of the time, editing, shooting photos, and handling the business side of Good Mood. Brooke works as a full time RN in the Emergency Department. She works nightshift, so you may not see her as often. She loves hiking, being in the mountains, classic rock, peppermint tea and her three parakeets. 


Together, we create a lighthearted, easy going team that are fun to work with. We love to laugh, and love to make our clients laugh. We are named Good Mood Photography because we stand behind the notion of having a good time, no matter where you go.


Meet the rest of our team. 90% of the time, we are a two person show, but with our expanding business, we are excited to have these amazing people working with and alongside us!


Khoa has been shooting with Good Mood for a few years. He is often times a secondary shooter, or an extra set of hands. Don't be surprised to see him at your wedding, or photo session! 


Megan is Brooke's sister, and is often times seen running the photo booth. She is spunky, fun, and is sure to make your photo booth a good time! She is an aspiring college student, ready to take on the world!

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